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Thank you for subscribing to "Tiger Beat USA".  You will receive 6 monthly issues of the best magazine ever.  We have taken heart throbs of the past and have them talk to you about what they are doing now. Our magazine is also filled with hot fashions, unique and tasty entree's that can be made in your home.  Bucket list places you must visit yourself and cool things you can do.  A magazine that tells you what it takes to make it as a popular and working actor in film and tv and a step by step guide on how to become a successful singer that makes money daily and on your terms.  Personal managers, agents, casting directors, producers talk about what new or seasoned actors can do to start or advance their career.  We also have a Life 101 story that shows you how to plan out your life for success.  Example: We give you a money chart on what type of life style you can expect to have with or without an education.  Starting off with living with your family, to living with your friends, girlfriend or wife. What is expected from you to live in a 2 bedroom apartment, 3 bedroom home, 5 bedroom saburban home, an executive home, build your own home on your own property and how to become a millionaire at any age over 12 years old.  

We show you who your biggest enemy in life is.  It happens to be yourself.  You make the decisions to do or not do.  It is entirely up to you.  Love advice on finding out if your just a friend, a lover or a booty call.  Access our weekly webinar to talk to celebrities, agents, producers, successfull millionaires and people who live the life you want to have.  Not only do they talk to you. They show you how to make it.  


Most of all, Tiger Beat USA will sponsor you if you do not have the money or credit. But are willing to put in the effort to live the life you want to live.  First things first, you must be a fan of Tiger Beat USA.  

You will receive your first issue on July 1, 2024 and a new issue every month for 5 more months.  This means, you get the backing of our magazine, events, team members, and much, much more.

6 month Tiger Beat USA subscription with Tiger Beat USA VIP lapel pin

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